The death of romanticism

smoke over a field at dawn. Would have once filled me with intensely pleasurable emotion, that this is the sort of experience one should be having, rich, sharp, textured, every sense activated, primal, suggestive – plus regret that one hasn’t always had such experiences daily, plus frustration that this is not a daily experience now. Unhappiness that one’s life is not as one would want it, i.e. not optimal, not as full of peak experiences as it could be.

Now, it’s just smoke over a field at dawn. Senses highly stimulated, in part by unfamiliarities, in part by extremes of lighting, temperature, awareness of contingency of the moment. I can get the same thing from a mid-afternoon lamppost if I want.

One thought on “The death of romanticism”

  1. Hi Julian, I was searching for some photos or graphics to use in my literary blog. I came across the still from a movie of an old man lying on the ground facing up but with his eyes closed. I wanted to use it but found it was your from a film so I won’t rip you off. You have some powerful images. I know the feeling of looking at something that used to be inspiring but has lost its appeal. For me it is about unloading the mental clutter and looking again with new eyes. You may find any of the various meditation practises useful or mayby just a run in the park to shake up your metabolism. The magic is always there. Great photos which I really enjoyed, cheers, Mark Gaul

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