I’ve just been typing up a list of every job I was rejected for in 1991 and 1992. There were a lot of them and most are terrifyingly dull-looking – it was around the time I moved to London and I didn’t know any better. But wouldn’t our CVs and biogs be more informative if they chronicled failures, disappointments, thwartings, accidents, aborted projects, misconceptions and frustrations as carefully as successes, insights, discoveries, achievements, accomplishments and strokes of luck? Positivity seems to have become a religion, the only one we here can still give credit to. I get a bit tired of this sometimes. We get “It’s all good” instead of “God bless” or “God willing”. But it’s not, is it?

One thought on “not-CV”

  1. No. It’s bloody. You’re right. And the good good good is all part of the great swing towards dulling and brainwashing us all. The great liberal democratic project.

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