Hannah & screen, Asitis 1

The flyer said:

7.30pm, 15 & 16 June. 4 or 3 pounds. Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park tube.

Music by Pete Flood, Michael Oliva, Tom Armstrong and Andrew Melvin, performed by Hannah Marshall. Visual art by Julian Richards. The first in a series.

Music for cello and electronics. Improvisation, darkness and the sound of breath aim to contribute to a soft but strong experience of music and sound. Projections, a web and things.

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My Inhuman World

Point G rocks 07

Whenever I don’t know what to take a picture of, I tend to take a picture of rocks. Point the camera at something without trace of human interference. Texture, process stilled in time. Then I look at the picture and think, I like it, but this is a bit old hat, isn’t it? But I keep on doing it. So I made all these pictures into a slide show.

It’s Mount Olympus, 1994; Point G, Bamako, Mali, 2004; river Niger, near Bamako, 2004; Constantine Bay, Cornwall, 2004; Hackney, 2005. Shown in Unhuman.

A photographer and film-maker working in art and documentary who lives in London