Calvino: An Experiment

2 Proj dance 2Here’s what I wrote to people to encourage them to come:

Dear all

Coming closer at scary speed is a show officially called “Calvino: An Experiment” which features still more of my videotronic projections. I’m even directing a sixth of it, yikes. This is something put together at the BAC to explore what can be done with video in theatre, to which end I’ve been working with a video systems designer called Sean Westgate who specialises in real-time manipulation of video, a dancer and actor called Sinéad Rushe, a puppeteer (amongst other things) called Steve Tiplady, a viola player (amongst other things) called David Lasserson, and a poet (amongst other things) called John Hegley).

Each of us is directing a bit of the show, using Italo Calvino’s versions of Italian folk stories as a starting point. Some bits will definitely make you laugh, other bits are sure to be beautiful, and I’m sure my bit will give us all food for thought.

Anyhow, the only way to find out more is to come along! Wednesday October 16th, 8pm, BAC, £4.75 or £3.50. About an hour long. 020 7223 2223,, for tix.

I hope there will (there must!) be some time for a drink after the show when I’m not furiously unplugging things

surveillance dance
secret sequence
2 Proj dance 1